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Tachibana(Gold Lucky Hammer Amulet Only Pendant)

Tachibana(Gold Lucky Hammer Amulet Only Pendant)

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Meaning Behind the Lucky Hammer Pendant

The Uchide -no-Kozuchi is a legendary mallet said to grant its wielder’s wishes upon its swing. Known through the story of Issun Boshi, the hammer became a symbol of good fortune. The tale goes that Issun Boshi, ridiculed for being a tiny man, was in love with his employer’s daughter, a princess. He accompanies the princess on a trip, and they run into an Oni (demon or evil ogre in Japanese folklore) who swallows Boshi whole. Using his sword, Boshi pokes at the creature from the inside. The Oni quickly spits him out and drops the Uchide -no-Kozuchi that the princess spares no time in picking up. She uses the mallet to wish Issun Boshi to be full-sized, and they are left alone by the Oni. Later on, they marry and live happily ever after.

Gold Lucky Hammer Piece

Solid 925 Sterling Silver with 3 Microns 18K Gold Plated


Height - 22mm Width - 13.3mm Length - 4.5mm



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