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Tachibana(Silver Daruma Amulet Only Pendant)

Tachibana(Silver Daruma Amulet Only Pendant)

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Meaning Behind the Daruma Pendant

The Daruma is a complex symbol in Japanese culture with a long history that makes it difficult to distinguish between legend and reality. Its design represents the monk Bodhidharma who is said to have lived between the 5th and 6th centuries CE. He began a quest of meditation for self-sacrifice and enlightenment by sitting towards a wall, staring and not blinking for nine years. The lack of limbs and wide eyes show Bodhidharma's immobility for this time; the facial hair imitates the shape of cranes and tortoises for longevity; the writing on the chest communicates luck and resilience. Daruma dolls are talismans of good fortune, far more significantly, of perseverance.


Silver Daruma

Solid 925 sterling silver with Rhodium plated


Height - 17mm Width - 8mm Length - 15mm



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