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Tachibana(Silver Shogi Amulet Only Pendant)

Tachibana(Silver Shogi Amulet Only Pendant)

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Meaning Behind the Shogi Pendant

Shogi is a two-person board game of strategy, often called Japanese chess. The shogi piece pendant is a one-of-a-kind, 1/1 scale, reversible design depicting the King and the Pawn.

The front side of the pendant mimics the shogi piece, reading 'King'. It symbolises power, leadership, resilience, prestige and the significance you associate with strength and royalty. In shogi, the King is the desirable piece. The back side of the pendants reads 'Pawn', imitating the more expendable shogi persona. They represent humility, self-sacrifice, discipline, loyalty and honour. They are the foot soldier.

Nawa (a rope featuring a double twist structure) binds the two sides representing the strength of the King and Pawn's duality in the design. The polarity of the two sides serves as an appreciation for humble beginnings and as a reminder that one cannot achieve a King-like goal without the continued support, hard work and consistency of a Pawn. The unique shogi piece pendant embodies motivation, ambition, virtue and mindfulness.

Silver Shogi Chess Piece

Solid 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plated


Height - 25mm Width - 7mm Length - 20mm



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