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Tachibana(Gold Cherry Blossom Amulet Only Pendant)

Tachibana(Gold Cherry Blossom Amulet Only Pendant)

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Meaning Behind the Cherry Blossom Pendant
The cherry blossom or Sakura is the Japanese national flower whose blossom indicates the start of spring. Representing optimism, renewal and transcendence, the delicate Sakura is often a tool for reflection among Japanese and reminds people of the beauty, privilege and significance in life. A fallen cherry blossom petal portrays loyal, courageous and noble samurai's souls that have been sacrificed in service to the King. It is a token of the appreciation for how short and wonderful life is and the importance of renewal. With such complex meanings attached to it, the cherry blossom is a symbol for mindfulness and presence.

Gold Cherry Blossom Piece

Solid 925 Sterling Silver with 3 Microns 18K Gold Plated


Height - 17mm Width - 2.7mm Length - 17mm



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